Last updated: January 24, 2023

CivilSalt Co. Ltd is a private limited company founded by Mr Chuye Titus Ndi (About him here), registered and recognized by the government with respect to the relevant provisions of the OHADA Uniform Act on General Commercial Law. CivilSalt is incorporated under the Trade and Personal Property Rights Register of the Court of First Instance Bamenda, under the registration number: RC.BDA.2023B000024.

"I believe in an era where technology can be integrated in all the various aspects that builds up our economy, and I am working tirelessly to ensure that CivilSalt contributes to the establishment of that era" - Chuye Titus Ndi.
At CivilSalt, we do not see ourselves just as a tech company. We see ourselves as a company that uses technology to provide solutions to daily problems. We consist of a network of individuals who aim at laying a legacy with the interaction in technology, by providing solutions to problems and raising a generation of determined citizens.

Our mindsets are built on the understanding that;
One mind can change the world, but two can make it a better place.

We base our innovation not only on the concept of doing the right thing, but on the understanding of doing the thing right differently. Thats why we say;

Have the skills people need. And if you can't afford that, learn the skills people are looking for.

With love, CivilSalt.