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CivilSalt LLC, is a global conglomerate technology company engaged in Automation and Renewable Energy. We focus on products and services in the domains of; Software, Hardware, Artificial Intelligence, Internet, Branding and Advertisement.

We consist of a network of individuals who aim at laying a legacy with the interaction in technology, by providing solutions to problems and raising a generation of determined citizens. We base our innovation not only on the concept of doing the right thing, but on the understanding of doing the thing right differently.

The innovation of state of the art technology is frequently being distributed among our subsidiaries and networks, which ranges across a wide variety of disciplines. CivilSalt believes in the power of networking and futuristic innovations by utilizing the concept of lateral thinking with withered technologies, with considerations that; "One mind can change the world, but two can make it a better place." - Titus N.

Our network of individuals are encouraged to be the best and the most relevant at what they do, and we go by the saying that;
"Have the skills people need, and if you can not afford that, learn the skills people are looking for." - Titus N.

With love, CivilSalt.



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Titus N and BNM image

CivilSalt at Young But Loaded 2nd edition

Collaboration with CYEs

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CivilSalt at Inspire Week '22

Collaboration with Inspire by P2A

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CivilSalt at UBa GDSC

Keynote - From Academics to Industry

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CivilSalt & Afrik InnovScience

Interview on Technology & Entrepreneurship

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CivilSalt & ETECHYOU

Partnership for Furious Entrepreneurs

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CivilSalt & ETECHYOU

Partnership for Helping Hands Orphanage visit